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Who Are We?

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We are Zak and Liz Davis. In 2015 we decided to quit our jobs, sell our stuff, and spend a year traveling the world. We’ve got one plane ticket booked, and a bullet-point list of twenty countries we’d love to visit. We may hit more or we may hit less, but no matter what, it’ll be quite an adventure.

Both of us grew up in Southern California (Zak in LA, Liz in San Diego), and met as students at UC Davis. We lived in the Bay Area for ten years or so, then picked up and moved to Brooklyn, NY.

We’ve discussed an around-the-world trip for several years and finally decided we were ready to make the leap. We can’t wait to experience new places, eat new foods, and meet new people.

For now, this blog is mostly to keep friends and family in the loop, but who knows what it’ll turn into.

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